Thinking about Starting a Way of living Publication

The UK market for mens and women’s way of living magazines is going through a remarkably dynamic period; there have been many major starts and much corporate activity in current years, which has had an impact about the overall industry.

The improved functionality has been thanks mainly to a dramatic resurgence involving the men’s way of living market, prompted by launch in early on 2004 of the two weekly mags Zoo and Nuts. However, the women’s sector in addition has displayed a robust enhancement, with a 10% embrace consumer expenses during 2004.

Initial consumer research into magazine readership and even attitudes which was commissioned by Important Note, available through and taken on in August 2004 revealed that a third of grown ups are loyal mag readers, purchasing the same magazine each week or month.

17% favor to browse the particular retail shelves, deciding on a title in accordance to what interests them in a certain issue. Nearly 1 in five (17%) are regular readers of specialist magazines and one throughout ten say of which they find the commercials in such journals of particular curiosity.
Slightly fewer as compared to one in five (18%) say that, even though perform not buy publications, they enjoy considering them. Around in five (19%) claim to be able to do not have interest from all in gossip columns, in addition to one in eight say that they are too occupied to read them.

Despite the current growth in the particular magazine market, participants are rather more very likely to say of which now they read mags lower than they performed 5 years ago (at 19%) than they are to say that they can read them more (at 13%).

Overall, the buyer research shows that this is consumers in the 45 to fifty four age group that are one of the most resilient to magazines; being that they are a growing human population segment, this is something that could be profitably addressed with the industry.

The routine of dynamic start activity that offers characterised the market place over the earlier a couple of years is likely to be able to continue at least within 2006, but this does bring the probability of overcrowding within the market the particular effects of which were seen during 2004, with several brand new launches in each the men’s plus the women’s marketplace either struggling or perhaps having closed entirely.

A combination regarding this overpopulated marketplace with less great economic conditions plus proposed changes to the magazine circulation system (which is expected to profit larger retailers at the expense of smaller sized ones) means that will a magazine selling price war is probably during 2006. Indeed, the cover costs of some publications have already been reduced.