Professional Dog Walker – Benefits

If you’re thinking about getting a new dog or getting your current dog to be groomed, you should consider hiring a Professional Dog Walker . What is a Professional Dog Walker? A Professional Dog Walker is a person who professionally groomed dogs, takes good care of them and cares for their particular needs. The type of dog a Professional Dog Walker deals with depends on the type of job they’re doing. Below are some of the types of dogs a Professional Dog Walker deals with:

* Treatment and Care: A Professional dog walker treats their pets like VIPs. They give them proper treatment such as sprucing up their coats, grooming and giving them shots. Then they take care of their vaccinations and heart worm medication. A Professional dog walker will do things that may seem extra simple to you but are super-important to your dog’s health. For example, if your dog has fleas, the professional dog walker will apply and use flea repellant on your pet.

* Leash Training: Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there who don’t know how important leashes are to walking your dog. A Professional dog walker uses a leash when you’re walking your dog in public. This is essential because dogs naturally don’t want to get loose in public places. Walking your dog on a loose leash can cause them to run off and get lost.

* Dog Training Courses: All professional dog walker undergo basic training courses. There are many different kinds of dog training courses such as obedience training, agility training and agility competition training. In some industries they even provide business courses for the working dog lover. Business courses are often used by those who own dog walk businesses.

* Basic obedience training: All professional dog walker have their own ways to train their dogs. They each have their own techniques for teaching their dogs simple commands such as “sit” and “stay”. In fact, many professional walkers will start off by using basic commands such as sit and stay. After the dogs learn these commands, then they can be taught more advanced commands. And finally, before they go on their walks, they run around with their dogs on a leash in order to get used to being around people.

* Walking with other dogs: Most professional dog walker to take walks with other dogs. It is important that your dog has other dogs on a leash so they learn that they are safe when out in public places. Plus, the other dogs help keep them company when they are relaxing at home. By walking with other dogs, your dog will not feel lonely and will likely be happier on walks.

* Behavioral training: You may wonder how a dog walker walks dogs when she doesn’t know any commands at all! Well, a professional dog walker walks dogs like a dog trainer. Not only do they know the basics of dog walking, but they will teach your dog new tricks and behaviors that you love.

As you can see, there is more to hiring a professional dog walker than just paying for the service. If you are going to hire a dog walker, make sure they are qualified, well trained and are well bonded. You can ask to see some references or you can find them online. Some professional dog walkers even post videos on their website showing how well their services are performed.

* Behavioral training: You must choose good, responsible dogs when you have a walk. Many dogs will curb their excitement while others may need training in how to behave around other people. If you are a new pet owner, it’s a good idea to hire a professional dog walker to give you training. It is important that you teach your dog to stay calm and to not jump on people. This will prevent biting, chewing, barking, obstructing streets, buses and other vehicles and embarrassing your neighbors.

* Bonding: A lot of dog walkers offer vaccinations and regular checks up. A bond between the pet owner and the dog walker usually covers the cost of the shots. If you choose to bring your pet dog along with you, check the pet laws in your area before taking them anywhere. Some areas have restrictions on where you can take your pets and some won’t let you leave them home alone altogether. Discuss these with your dog walker before the trip.

* Comfort for you: If you are a new dog owner, you will want to walk your dog every single day. However, if you feel like your dog is getting too hot or too cold, take them for runs around the neighborhood to keep them healthy and happy. Walking your dog every single day is great exercise and can also help you bond with your dog. If you can spend time with your pet every single day, they will feel better about being a part of your family. You should always make sure that your pet is comfortable throughout their walks.