Predict the Unpredictability of Singapore Weather

For those of us who have been living in Singapore, there is one thing we know about the local weather – that it can be as unpredictable as a volatile thunderstorm in the middle of the ocean. But there remains a single constant, that this island nation has one of the best beach weather known to the dress online singapore. Throughout most of the year, this island is within range of the suns best features – sunny days and hot weather, bespoke of this island nation that is surrounded by the cool and clear waters of the straits and pacific oceans.

It almost makes one feel like going to the beach everyday – but before you do so, I have to warn you that the Singapore weather can be really very unpredictable sometimes and rain can come like a carefully planned birthday surprise – only without the added joy at the end. Nothing can ruin a trip more than an unplanned drizzle or a full own thunderstorm. The best ways to predict the weather of the day is to of course, go online or listen to the local weather reports – but sometimes even those are not 100% accurate. They base their predictions of meteorological readings which are changing all the time, so there might be variations to the weather patterns that were seen in the morning. Rain usually comes in during the monsoon season that comes normally at the end of the year when the cold fronts in the region start to inch slowly towards us.

Most Singaporeans view the coming monsoon months as sort of a reprieve to the long span of hot sun and warm nights – this really explains the revolution of air conditioning in Singapore. The monsoon season will only last about a few months at a time and will stretch to February, tapering of in March where the sun takes control again and lasts all the way again to the end of the year. This is the time to take advantage of the sun and get your beach ware out. Cycling, wake boarding, sky diving, surfing, everything under the sun can be done. Rain comes few and far between so you won’t have to worry much when planning a trip. Just have a quick check on weather stations before you head out.

Also, Singapore weather is also rather humid, so unless you are working, many would advise that you dress light. Bermudas and t shirts for the men and sun dresses with a lot of breathing space for the women. It can get really hot sometimes, especially in June, so be prepared to sweat it out as we get the full benefit of being rooted right in the equator. These are the best ways you can predict the unpredictability of the Singapore weather, but in essence, most of the time you can expect sunny skies, blue all over and the occasional hot spell. Stay indoors and plan for the beach – take full advantage of the weather!