Akari Therapeutics NASDAQ AKTX





Pharmaceuticals are an important industry, for any country. This industry is essential for the welfare of the people of the country. With advanced technology, the pharmaceutical industry has shown tremendous growth and has proved to be essential, by providing life-saving medications for ailments that were once considered to be untreatable. The research and development in this industry is the most important aspect because once the product is finalized, offering it to the public becomes a smaller part of the process of getting it out in the market. Thanks to biopharmaceuticals, we now have treatments and medications that are tailor-made and targeted towards specific problems and fix the problem from the root cause.

Investing in pharmaceutical companies is necessary to support the industry in doing better and contributing more towards society. It may not be the most rewarding the short term, but with new products coming into the market and performing well will help you get better returns in the long run. In fact, since this industry is crucial to mankind, any product that does really well in the market can give you better than expected returns as well. These stocks have a significant amount of risk, as everything depends upon a successful trial of the product.


One such company engaged in the pharmaceutical industry is Akari Therapeutics. This company is listed on the Nasdaq index with the symbol ‘AKTX’. This company is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development of treatments for autoimmune diseases involving complement and leukotriene pathways of the immune system. The company is focused on developing inhibitors of acute and chronic inflammation, particularly for the complement cascade of our immune system and leukotriene system for the treatment of rare and orphan diseases whose needs are unfulfilled. The company is headquartered in the USA and has a subsidiary company called Morria Biopharmaceuticals Inc. Pay Prado is the MD and Chairman of Akari Therapeutics, while Clive Richardson is the CEO.


The NASDAQ: AKTX stock at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-aktx is trading for $1.87 currently. The company has set a price target of


$5 on their stocks, 164.6% more than its current price. Analysts have given this stock a consensus rating of ‘Buy’. The company has a market cap worth $29.65 million. Before the Covid-19 was declared a pandemic, the stock was trading at $1.54. The share price has increased by 21.4% since then, to its current price of $1.87. The company has reported EPS of -$0.13 for the first quarter of 2020. Some of NASDAQ: AKTX’s competitors are Axovant Gene Therapies, Sierra Oncology, Lumos Pharma, Inflarx, Sesen Bio, etc.  You can do the margin stock trading at the stock app.


Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.